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Show Motion Media provide video production & photography content for use online.

Helping to advise and create content alongside your current marketing strategy.

Whatever stage it’s at.

Who We Are

Show Motion Media is a full service Video production and Photography company based in Manchester, U.K.  Founded to help people harness the power of moving and still images and the story they reveal.  

It’s stories that we all remember, stories that are passed between each other and Show Motion Media create content that tells your tale to the right audience.

What We Do

Show Motion plan and deliver media content for use online.    Great images and videos can lead your audience through your online channels.  Like your social media, website, subscription services, and more.  Getting the attention your goals deserve through a video production and photography strategy.

Planning a content campaign for the long term, instead of just the now, can be the difference between success or failure with any marketing.  With the experience and knowledge in our field, show motion media are here to bring ideas to life.

Why Choose Us

The ability to take the time to understand your goals, then use our artistic and technical expertise to deliver a service tailored to your requirements and audience.  With passion for creating content we’re always looking to understand the story that resonates with the clients viewers and gets the attention they are looking for.  

The aim: producing media that means business, brand awareness, views, engagement, leads, click throughs, enquiries, sales.


The Process

At the heart of our approach is regular communication
to ensure our vision is in-line with yours.

Translate the ideas

At the beginning it’s all about coming up with the ideas and turning them into relevant media content.  With regular communication to gain an understanding of your goals its all about how they translate into the end results.  Taking all stages of the process into account to produce a strategy that works for you and brings ideas to life.

Capture the Motion

This stage does as it says on the tin.  Using filming techniques to capture the motion set out in the planning phase.  Producing visuals that look and sound great ready for editing.

Show your World

All media is produced with your audience in mind.  With your contents destination set out in post/production we aim to attract your target audience.  Showing the world can be time consuming.  Let's start with your world.

Watch your Business Grow

This is where marketing comes in.  Once content is made, videos and images have to use correctly to get the best returns.  With consistent on message content in hand.   Good marketing is all you need to watch your business grow.  Please enquire.

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