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Make your online presence stand out with great images.  For use on websites, social media and more.

Photoshoots & Photography in Manchester

Photoshoot & Photography Services

Show Motion Media provide still as well as moving images.  We can provide photography for an event alongside any video production for example.  When creating media for the same project or campaign, it is important to style photography, such as website and social media images, in line with any video production you are using and visa versa.  If the service you require isn’t provided in-house we can advise and source specialists, working their media into the project workflow.  Saving you time finding different services for the same project.  Keeping all media in style and on message.

Photography can also be used within videos to great effect.  Slide shows, animated GIFs and time-lapse videos to name a few, can all be worked into video projects.  During the pre-production stage photography is always considered when it comes to the best form of media to produce for your campaign.

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