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Show Motion provide a filming and video editing service.  Working alongside businesses, organisations and events companies to produce professional video content that promotes, educates and entertains. 


We offer a range of video production options, from marketing video to training courses, live events to product demonstrations.  Have a look around our website for more information and contact us to discuss your project further.  We provide a free content review and proposal.


NB Training

Show Motion recently teamed up with NB Dog Training to produce a promotional video for their puppy training class.  


Check out the cute puppy's in action.  From the footage we produced two edits for the company to use on different social media platforms.


If you would like to work with us to create promotional videos for your business, use the contact form below.


Manchester Metropolitan University

Show motion produced a set of 30+ videos on this project for use within an online study pack.  Put together by Manchester Metropolitan University. 


Here are two promotional videos we produced using footage from the training content.

Once again delivered in two aspect rations for use on different social media platforms.


If your looking to create educational content, we can help. Contact us using the form below



Body Mechanics Outdoor Bootcamp

A series of videos made for Body mechanics, an outdoor fitness bootcamp.  Including two different promotional videos and a series of testimonials.

Check out a selection of the videos below.

At Show Motion we can work to get the most out of your footage.  Producing a series a videos, clips and reels from one shoot, this can help boost the content on your digital channels at great value.

What We Do

Show Motion can be your video production partner.  A single video has it's uses, but producing regular content as a business, especially for marketing, is fast becoming the norm.  Our services can help support in this area, building knowledge of your business over time so we get the most out of your footage.  We provide a package to produce a series a videos, clips and reels from our video shoots.  Providing months of content on your digital channels at great value.  With minimal disruption to your operation.  


Working to a plan set out together in pre/production, or from a brief you have provided.  We can help you produce great visuals and handle all the creative and technical stuff, like scripts, logistics, filming and editing.


Services like drone footage and time-lapse photography are covered, meaning all media is handled in-house ready for editing and delivery to you through a secure platform.

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